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Trevor Eggleton

Trevor Eggleton is Carefor’s Director of Communications, Marketing and Fundraising.   

Throughout Trevor’s career his focus has been on working with organizations which support people. He started in communications over 20 years ago with the Vancouver Aboriginal Child & Family Services Society. Moving to Ottawa in 2010, he continued to work with Indigenous organizations by joining the First Nations Centre and then the National Aboriginal Health Organization. Trevor then followed his desire to work in International Development joining the Micronutrient Initiative (now Nutrition International) working in Canadian public engagement, then CUSO International as the Manager of Partnerships & Engagement, and then Acting Director of Communications & Marketing.

Trevor joined Carefor in 2019 seeking a desire to tell the stories of the impact of a community healthcare agency on people’s lives. In his time with Carefor, Trevor has been able to expand his team and his role moving from Manager to Senior Manager to Director. 

Prior to the start of his career, Trevor graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. He worked in education and travelled extensively visiting over 30 countries and living in four. Today, Trevor lives with his two daughters and keeps active in his community and in nature enjoying the lakes and trails of Eastern Ontario.