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Community healthcare strategy

2024 – 2027 STRATEGIC PLAN

Enriching Lives.

Giving Choice.

Providing Holistic Care.

Better Care. A Better Carefor.

Since Carefor was established in 1897, our goal has been to serve the changing needs of our communities by offering exceptional, home and community-based care. Over these 127 years, we have evolved and expanded our ways of working in response to community needs and healthcare transformation. To be an effective healthcare agency today is to keep the needs and preferences of your clients and caregivers central, while adjusting to new realities and ways of working.

This Strategic Plan has been created to ensure a stronger, healthier and more efficient organization – an organization that continuously strives to amplify the voices of our clients and carepartners in our work, to grow our internal culture and the capacity of our staff to learn, improve and grow, and to continue to modernize our business practices and broaden our advocacy and partnerships.

Drawing from our 127 years of history, this Strategic Plan will inspire and drive Carefor to create a more inclusive, responsive, innovative and collaborative organization that offers exceptional person-centred healthcare, now and in the future.

Thank you to all who participated in the development of this Plan. It would not have been possible without your valued contribution.

John MacKenzie

Steve Perry
President & CEO

Providing personal support to people living with homelessness in Ottawa. Healthcare careers Eastern Ontario

Strategic Goals 2024 – 2027

1. Listen and Learn from Our Clients

Encourage and amplify the voice of our clients.

2. Strengthen Our People and Culture

Develop the capacity and skills of our workforce and build a culture mobilized to meet our communities’ changing healthcare needs head on.

3. Grow Through Partnerships

Build and maintain our leadership role in the evolving healthcare landscape through partnership development and advocacy.

4. Modernize Our Business

Increase our competitive advantage and strengthen our practices through greater focus on innovation, technology, efficiency, and impact.

Strategic Goals 2024 – 2027
  • Listen and Learn from Our Clients

    Everything we do is to meet the needs and expectations of our clients and their families. To do this, we must actively seek, listen, and learn from their lived experience and perspectives.


    1. Co-design new ways of communicating with our clients/carepartners that are client-centered, timely and provide the accessible and meaningful information they need to be stewards of their care experience.
    2. Enhance the way we deliver care and engage with our clients by respecting and embracing cultural diversity, desires, and preferences.
    3. Engage the voices and lived experience of our clients to inform improvement to their care experience and as advocates for publicly funded home and community health services.
  • Strengthen Our People and Culture

    Carefor is our people. When we support and encourage our people, work is more meaningful, client care more impactful and the organization stronger together.


    1. Build our workforce planning and capacity to meet the needs of our clients.
    2. Ignite a focus on staff wellness and engagement.
    3. Foster leadership capability and excellence in motivating, engaging and inspiring teams.
    4. Enhance staff skills and knowledge in clinical specialties in alignment with increasing diversity and complexity of our client population.
    5. Stimulate a culture that encourages staff to adopt innovative practices and inform meaningful improvements to the client and staff experience.
    6. Develop and foster an organizational culture that meaningfully demonstrates commitment to the principles of equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism.
  • Grow Through Partnerships

    Carefor exists to serve the community, with the community. This means collaborating with community partners to create new ways of meeting client needs and providing better experiences for our clients and their families.


    1. Lead and collaborate to influence new models of integrated care within Ontario Health and OHTs that we are part of.
    2. Engage and advise local and provincial decision-makers and advocacy leaders on strategic integration opportunities, realities, and challenges within the mixed for profit and not-for-profit home care and community support service sectors.
    3. Implement innovative integrated delivery models through external funding and partnerships.
    4. Mobilize strategic research partnerships and innovate to continuously improve and modernize care and services.
  • Modernize Our Business

    To meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and community partners, we must continually innovate and improve the way we work. Leveraging innovative technologies, embracing change and opportunities to do things differently will strengthen our role as key contributors to the evolving healthcare landscape.


    1. Ensure financially responsible stewardship and sustainability.
    2. Leverage and integrate technologies, tools and structures to eliminate inefficiencies, improve business processes, increase productivity and mitigate risks.
    3. Secure organizational readiness and capability to secure and expand home and community care contracts.
    4. Improve the identification, collection and use of key performance indicators/data to inform decision-making.

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