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Carefor’s commitment to accessibility

In keeping with its values, Carefor is committed to meeting the accessibility needs of persons with disabilities in a timely manner that respects their dignity and independence. We embrace a broad definition of disability which includes those that may not be visible or apparent. Carefor will strive to provide clients and their care partners, staff, volunteers and members of the community with barrier-free access to its facilities, policies, programs, practices and services. Carefor will continue to foster and endorse attitudes and behaviours that eliminate barriers for persons with disabilities.

About Carefor’s Accessibility Plan

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) requires all public institutions to put into motion several initiatives that will result in greater accessibility in the province of Ontario by 2025. Carefor’s accessibility plan demonstrates its commitment to work in partnership with all stakeholders, including clients, residents and their care partners with a range of accessibility needs, to meet the minimum standard specified as AODA requirements by 2025, and to bring an accessibility lens to the entire organization with the goal of ensuring that we can provide “the best life” to all clients and residents. It is recognized that achieving accessibility and/or eliminating barriers for all clients and residents may require efforts beyond those specified in the AODA legislation.

This Accessibility Plan is a living document which will evolve as the organization continues to identify and eliminate barriers to equal accessibility. The aim of this plan is to help us achieve our vision of making Carefor fully accessible to all individuals who receive care, work in or visit its facilities.

About Carefor

Carefor supports thousands of people across Eastern Ontario every year. As an organization with an annual budget of approximately $70 million that provides service from the upper Ottawa Renfrew border to the Quebec border our scope may seem large but our impact is very personal.

Our staff work with people in need, in their homes, and in the community. These people are our neighbours, friends and family. Often elderly and vulnerable, our clients and their families rely on us in countless ways: in-home healthcare and personal support services, meal delivery, non-urgent medical transportation, respite and adult day programs for people living with dementia, retirement homes and palliative programs are just some of the services we offer people in our communities.

While diverse, what ties our programs and services together is a desire to help people lead their best lives. Through caring and professionalism, our staff make people’s lives better. We work with our clients, their care partners and the local health-care system to tailor a care plan that supports the whole person.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Policy

Carefor has a policy to guide our practices in ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities.

Accessibility Workplan

A number of documents and policies were created to address Accessibility issues at Carefor.

Accessibility Workplan: Addressing the AODA Customer Service Standard Reference:

429/07: Accessibility standards for customer service

#Regulation SectionCompliance DeadlineCarefor’s Compliance ActionStatus/Last UpdatedNext Review DateResponsible Lead/Team
1Establishment of Policies & Procedures (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 429/07, s. 3)Dec 31, 2013Overall accessibility policy posted on the websiteCompliantFebruary, 2022Director HR (Executive Lead)
2Use of Service Animals and Support Persons (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 429/07, s. 4)Dec 31, 2013Overall accessibility policy posted on the website addresses:Use of service animals and support personsCompliantFebruary, 2022Director HR (Executive Lead)
3Notice of Temporary Disruptions (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 429/07, s. 5)Dec 31, 2013Overall accessibility policy posted on the website addresses:• notices of temporary disruptionCompliantFebruary, 2022COO/Manager(s), Facilities
4Feedback Process for providers of goods or services (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 429/07, s. 7)Dec 31, 2013Overall accessibility policy posted on the website addresses:• feedback processCompliantFebruary, 2022COO/Manager(s), Facilities
5Notice of Availability of documents (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 429/07, s. 8)Dec 31, 2013Overall accessibility policy posted on the website addresses:• notice of availability of documents upon request in different formatsCompliantFebruary, 2022Manager, Marketing and Communications
6Format of documents (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 429/07, s. 9)Dec 31, 2013Overall accessibility policy posted on the website addresses:notice of availability of documents upon request in different formats.CompliantFebruary, 2022Manager, Marketing and Communications
7Training for staff, etc. (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 429/07, s. 6)Jan 1, 2014All staff, volunteers and physicians trained on Accessible Customer Service Standards legislation (2009).CompliantFebruary, 2022Director HR (Executive Lead)

Accessibility Workplan: Addressing the AODA Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR)

Part 1 – General Integrated Standards Reference:191/11: Integrated accessibility standards

#Regulation Section  Compliance Deadline Carefor’s Compliance ActionStatus/Last UpdatedNext Review DateResponsible Lead/Team
  8Establishment of Accesibility Policies (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 191/11, s. 3)   Dec 1, 2013Overall accessibility policy posted on the website   Compliant   February, 2023   Director HR (Executive Lead)
9Accessibility Plans (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 191/11, s. 4)Dec 1, 2013AODA requirements reviewed to establish workplan for the 2020-2025 timeframe. Updated plan posted on website in Oct 2021.Compliant   February, 2023   Director HR (Executive Lead)
10Training (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 191/11, s. 7)Dec 1, 2013Training on IASR content: IASR training content was added to Orientation Customer service Standard content for dissemination to all staff and ongoing Orientation Training for new hires.Compliant   February, 2023   Director HR (Executive Lead)

Part 2 – Information & Communication Standards

#Regulation Section   Compliance Deadline   Carefor’s Compliance Action   Status/Last Updated   Next Review Date   Responsible Lead/Team   
 11    Feedback (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 191/11, s.11)   Dec 1, 2014   Feedback is accepted in whatever format family wishes (correspondence, phone, email, in person).Disabilities are accommodated by working with family to ensure communication can occur (e.g. Sign language interpreters, communicating by email, accommodating need for support persons to be present)Carefor is moving to solicit client/resident experience surveys via email/electronically. Introduction of a statement informing survey participants of the availability of an accessible format upon request will be included.   Compliant   December, 2022   Manager, Marketing & Communications   
12   Accessible formats and communication supports (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 191/11, s. 12)   Jan 1,    2015Overall accessibility policy and customer service policy state that information will be made available in accessible format to public upon request   Compliant   December, 2022   Manager, Marketing & Communications      
13Emergency procedure, plans or public safety information (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 191/11, s. 13)Dec 1, 2013   Emergency information template will be used to inform the public of emergency plans and procedures   CompliantDecember, 2022   Manager, Marketing & Communications   
14   Accessible websites and web content (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 191/11, s. 14)   Jan 1, 2021   Our external websites are compliant.Our new intranet was launched in Mar 2020 and is compliant with AODA.We will be level AA compliant by October 2021Compliant   December, 2022   Manager, Marketing & Communications

Part 3 – Employment Standards

  15Return to work process (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 191/11, s. 29)Jan 1, 2014Policy in place for employees to return to work and accommodation policy (3019)    Compliant   July, 2022   Director HR (Executive Lead)
16Performance Management (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 191/11, s.30)Jan 1, 2014Commitment to develop accommodation plan on a case by case basis as needed.Compliant July, 2022Director HR (Executive Lead)
17Career development and advancement (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 191/11, s. 31)Jan 1, 2014Commitment by HR to work collaboratively on a case by case basis as per our duty to accommodate.Compliant July, 2022Director HR (Executive Lead)
18Redeployment (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 191/11, s. 32)   Jan 1, 2014   Return to Work Accomodation Policy updated with accessibility clause in health and safety program.   Compliant   July 2022   Director HR (Executive Lead)

Part 5 – Built Environment

19   Accessible parkingApplication, off-street parkingAccess aislesMinimum number and type of accessible parking spacesSignage• On-street parking spaces (AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 191/11, s. 80.32-80.39, O. Reg 413/12 s.6)  Jan 1, 2016   Carefor exceeds current legal standards. Accessibility requirements will be considered in parking areas/space renovation    Compliant   Ongoing Commitment   COO/Facilities Manager(s)
20   Obtaining Services:ApplicationService CountersFixed Queuing guidelinesWaiting areas(AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 191/11, s. 80.40-80.43, O. Reg. 413/12 s. 6)   Jan 1, 2016   All new service counters, queuing areas and waiting rooms will be made accessible   Compliant   Ongoing Commitment   COO/Facilities Manager(s)
21Maintenance of accessible elements(AODA, 2005, O. Reg. 191/11, s. 80.44, O. Reg. 413/12 s. 6)Jan 1, 2016All accessible parts of public spaces will/should be maintainedCompliant  Ongoing Commitment  COO/Facilities Manager(s)

Communication of Accessibility Plan

Carefor makes its Accessibility Plan available to staff, volunteers and members of the community. We also look for opportunities to further inform clients, residents and care partners of major changes, as they arise.

Carefor’s communication of its accessibility plan will include:

Internal Audience

  • Informing all leaders within the organization of the availability of the most recent Accessibility Plan;
  • Posting the Accessibility Plan on Carefor’s intranet site, which enables all employees and volunteers to consult or refer to the plan;
  • Providing training and awareness about the plan and Carefor’s commitment to accessibility, including at orientation and via articles, reminders and updates via the intranet.

External Audience

  • Posting of the most recent plan on Carefor’s three web sites (;; to ensure that clients, residents, care partners and the community at large have access to the plan;
  • Promoting the availability of our executive lead (Director, HR) to express concerns or provide feedback on issues of accessibility;


As we move forward, we will continually ask ourselves “How can we improve?” Carefor recognizes the importance of obtaining feedback from clients, residents and care partners on ways in which our organization can continue to render itself accessible.