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Washing out the Stress: Tips for Reducing Stress for Seniors

Managing one’s stress can often be a struggle and it can have a large impact on one’s overall health. It is a great idea for seniors to develop ways to reduce stress in their lives.

Stress is caused by facing the day-to-day challenges we all face in life. This can be anything from getting to an appointment on time, finding ways to see grandchildren and other family members, remembering to take your medication, and or feeling unsafe in one’s home while living alone.

It is important to realize the signs of stress in your life and find ways to cope and ease those stresses. Stress can result in the feeling of being anxious, depression, loss of sleep, and forgetfulness. Here are some ways to reduce stress.

Melt away that Stress.

Get Creative: Finding ways to celebrate and use your creativity is a great way to reduce your stress. Whether it is completing a puzzle, painting, drawing, journaling, or listening to music while you clean the house or enjoy time in the sun. These are all great ways to relax and reduce stress.

Gather and Meet New People: Being social whether it is connecting with old friends and family or meeting new people at local senior clubs or community activities is a great way to reduce the feeling of being isolated and alone leaving one to feel safe secure and less stressed.

Exercise: Finding ways to become more active in any compacity will often result in a feeling of confidence and reduce feelings of depression and stress. Exercise that helps reduce stress can include walking outdoors, playing with the grandchildren, yoga, meditation, or swimming.

Stress can sometimes seem unavoidable but there are many resources to help reduce stress.

We, at Carefor, offer a diverse range of services whether you are living in your home a need a helping hand or looking for retirement living options at Carefor Civic Complex or Mackay Centre.

Residents at Carefor retirement homes are given a place to call homes via many programs and services. Living at Carefor provides our residents with the security of knowing help is there when they need it be it helping with cleaning, laundry, and medication administration. While living at Carefor seniors are also provided with three nutritious meals a day, and an extensive variety of entertainment and activities all of which help foster a sense of community and social connection between residents and Carefor team members. All of which help provide local vulnerable seniors a place to call home and relieve the stress of seniors and their family members. If you’re interested in reducing some of your stress, give us a call: 613-732-9993

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