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Staying connected with Carefor is a lifeline for many care-partners like Alison.

While our Adult Day Programs for people living with dementia are suspended during the COVID-19 lockdown, staff and clients are finding ways to connect with one another virtually.

Four days a week, at various times throughout the day, clients at Carefor’s Perley Adult Day Program, like Alison Montpetit’s husband Vital, are still getting their daily dose of recreational programming.  Day Program Staff are leading clients through a variety of activities such as: exercise, group discussions, music and singalongs, trivia and word games. Our goal is to keep our clients engaged and connected while remaining safe.

“We miss (the clients), just like they miss our program; so to know we can still reach out and make them feel good means the world to me,” Day Program staff Laura Stack says.

The Perley Adult Day Program, which benefits from the generous support of donors to subsidize program costs, offers a tremendous break for carepartners.

“We know how much our carepartners rely on this and how good this is for our clients to be engaged with others, especially during this time of isolation,” Laura says. “It’s been great to see everyone smiling and actively participating in our virtual day program.”

Alison admits that she didn’t realize how much she was counting on Carefor to provide stimulation for her husband.

“It’s hard to take care of yourself and provide the care you need to do all by yourself,” Alison says. “Carefor has become my world – my lifeline.”

She’s grateful that the program has reached out to offer support during this time of crisis: “The virtual programs are designed to match his ability … and [my husband] enjoys that sense of familiarity.”

While our Perley Day Program has nearly 60 active clients, our day programs support more than 400 people living with dementia.

To learn more about the Perley-Rideau Adult Day Program, click here or email us at Our Adult Day Programs rely heavily on fundraised dollars. Support our Carefor Heroes by giving at