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Let’s Get Together Club resumes in-person, bringing hope back to a vulnerable community

For Let’s Get Together (LGT) Club participants who depend on connection, laughter, and group activities, Carefor’s Day Program is their lifeline. When our Carling Day Program location had to shut down in-person visits last year, this weekly mental health support group was faced with a difficult reality.

Before the pandemic, the building was referred to as the ‘Fun House’, where seniors living with mental health would get together, staff and peers helping them pull through some of the most difficult periods of their lives. It gave participants an opportunity to socialize, develop friendships, and engage in leisure, education, and wellness activities in a safe, structured, and supportive environment.

“I live alone and suffer from depression and anxiety. Not having face-to-face interactions has been very hard for not only me, but for everyone here,” Rachel said. She has been a LGT client for more than two years and can’t rave enough about how the program has positively impacted her life.

Carefor is one of the few places these individuals visit and the people they meet at the program are one of the few faces they see. “Many of our clients live in isolation in good times, so during the pandemic they’ve been feeling more isolated than ever,” Program Staff Joanne Peach said.

And while the fun never ended, it just changed with the circumstances. The quick transition to phone or virtual meetings was another lifeline for dozens of participants who rely on our external support systems.

“It has been wonderful; they’ve helped me a lot through these times,” Rachel said.

Now after a year and a half apart, some members of the group have been given the opportunity to reconnect. Last Wednesday was the first time a small group of LGT Club members were welcomed back to safely engage in the things they love to do most as a group. It was also a great day because the ice cream truck rolled around, and they had a chance to enjoy some delicious treats!

While staff would love to bring back everyone and to resume operations like normal, they’re grateful to be able to reconnect safely in the meantime. “It’s great to have them all back and hear the sound of their laughter again in this building,” Carefor Day Program staff shared in unison.

Carefor’s Day Programs need support now more than ever. You can make a lasting difference in the lives of many by making a gift today.