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Helping seniors when help is needed the most

Ottawa seniors face isolation now, more than ever. One fourth of all seniors in Ottawa live alone and many deal with health conditions that require support.

Anna Mae Lacroix lived independently for many years and was in good health for decades. However last year, after her granddaughter was concerned by a bump and cuts on her feet, they went to the hospital, and several tests later found that she had severe bladder problems. Shortly after that, more health issues followed. After being discharged from the hospital, she desperately needed continued care and support. To keep mom safe at home, William stepped up and welcomed her to live with his family.

“I am at 24/7 care here. If it wasn’t for my son, I wouldn’t be alive,” Anna Mae says, “And if it wasn’t for [Carefor], I’d have no quality of life.”

In-home nursing has given her comfort, health, and safety, especially during COVID. Every time Tina arrives, Anna Mae describes it as an extended family member walking through the door – one who is attending not only to her physical wellbeing, but also her mental.

“They’re family, they have a minute to sit and listen,” she says. “They’re keeping people sane.”

But home care support isn’t only a lifeline for clients, it’s also a lifeline for caregivers: “It’s the people at home who need the help to take the pressure off,” Anna Mae admits. “When Tina arrives, it gives my family a break.”

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