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Finding meaning while living with Young Onset Dementia

Carefor, in partnership with Carleton University, has developed a new program for individuals living with Young Onset Dementia in the Ottawa region.

The program, called “The Club,” is the first of its kind in Ottawa. Its purpose is to bring together people living with Young Onset Dementia, which affects individuals aged 65 and under, keeping them active and socially connected in order to improve their quality of life and slow the advancement of the disease.

“We feel that we’re wanted and we’re able to do things that other people can do. We just need things that help us on a day-to-day basis, and having all these people with me, [it’s] good energy. We’re really good together,” Club member Angela Scheps says.

This much-needed program also gives care partners a chance to have some respite to run important errands or simply relax.

It is estimated that 16,000 Canadians and approximately 2,000 local residents are living with Young Onset Dementia. It is through these high-quality health care programs that people living with Young Onset Dementia can feel supported in their own community.

“If people were sick, they’re looked after, but if you are just hanging around and not doing anything, that’s your life that you’ve always had; and then even though you’re still alive, it’s not at all the same,” Club member Crystal White says.

Support programs like “The Club” rely heavily on fundraised dollars. Help keep our day programs running by donating at