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Dietitians like Sylvie are part of the big family of care delivered safe in people’s homes

Healthcare delivery should never take place in isolation. It’s a system that works together around the client’s needs.

Often when people think of  healthcare delivery they think of it taking place in the community, but at home is one of the best and safest places it can happen. And even in one’s home it requires an integrated approach. Registered dietitians like Sylvie Jacques are part of this approach.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Sylvie has spent a lot of time virtually demystifying, educating, and reducing fear surrounding food safety.

“As front-line workers, it’s our role to manage symptoms and ensure people are safe as possible,” she says. “We personalize the reality of the situation to our clients and their loved ones.”

However, it’s not only about simply doing your job, it’s going that extra mile at a time of great need for many clients.

For Azeem Shakoor, words can’t describe the immense help Sylvie has had on his life these past few months.  When Mr. Shakoor required a specialized nutrition supplement, which was quite expensive and in short supply at the time, Sylvie persevered to meet the patient’s needs. In a short time, she was able to deliver an emergency supply of the supplement until he was able to apply for funding.

Mr. Shakoor said he was speechless by the surprise, bringing him to tears. “I couldn’t believe she was able to get access to the flavour and type of liquid diet that I can actually ingest … which helps me recover instead of making me feel sick, as I do with all the other ones.”

Mr. Shakoor isn’t the only client who has expressed a similar sentiment of gratitude. Sandra Szirtes says Sylvie’s knowledge and compassion has made a world of difference to her husband.

“She truly cares and thinks outside the box. She knows how to make a difference.”

As lockdown restrictions have eased in the province and more health care professionals are able to safely provide services in people’s homes, Sylvie continues to do what she does best. She also can’t stress enough the importance of home care, especially during this time.

“People don’t want to go to the hospital or long-term care homes; they choose to stay at home and they may need more than one professional to ensure they can do so,” she says. “We’re improving quality of life in a safe environment.”

In 2019-2020, Carefor’s Allied Health team, comprised of registered dietitians, occupational therapists, social workers, and physiotherapists made approximately 30,000 visits in Ottawa.

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