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“Country Roads” brings a little sunshine to Chesterville

“Country Roads” brings a little sunshine to Chesterville

Nothing brings a community together better than singing and a little sunshine.

The Carefor Nor-Dun Support Centre team has been missing their Chesterville Diners and decided to bring some joy to their neighbourhood. With the help of Marleen Fawcett, a local singer who generously donated her time, the group put together an impromptu show at the Nationview Apartments in Chesterville.

Marleen serenaded the distanced crowd with old favourites like “Tiny Bubbles in the Wine”, “Country Roads”, and other classics. The group shared smiles, laughs, and some social distanced hugs.

To make the occasion even more special, Dennis and Barb, once regulars at the Nor-Dun Diner’s Club celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with the “Tennessee Waltz”, dedicated to the couple.

Caroline Rooney, the Team Leader at the Carefor Nor-Dun Support Centre shared, “We believe we bring added security to their lives during this pandemic.  We genuinely care about each of our clients and know what they are going through at this time. Clients know that we are just a phone call away!”

Following the show, the Carefor Nor-Dun team took to the streets of Chesterville and drove by the homes of their clients, who were greeted by a convoy of vehicles with signs reading “Carefor Cares for You” taped to the windows, accompanied by exhilarated waving and the honking of car horns.

Staff and clients were happy to see one another and look forward to seeing each other in the future once the Support Centres reopen for public use.

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