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Carefor Adult Day Program helps keep parents at home

Carefor Adult Day Program helps keep parents at home

For caregivers Donna and Ted O’Connor, taking care of someone with dementia wasn’t quite what they had expected.

“It’s like looking after a child … You lose patience. It’s very hard at times.” 

Two years ago, Donna was introduced to Carefor’s Adult Day Program at Resurrection Lutheran Church (RLC) for seniors living with dementia. Now her mother, Bunny, attends the program with 11 other participants.

“It was like a new world opening up for her and for us, so I can’t thank Carefor enough for what it’s done. It’s made a huge difference.”

Thanks to RLC, both Bunny and her caregivers have a time to refresh and change up their daily routine. “It’s been great to have a little bit of freedom on Fridays to do some things that we would have great difficulty to do during the week,” Ted says.

For Bunny, the social connections, valuable entertainment, games, and exercise at the day program has her excited to return every week. “It’s not a struggle to get her out of the house to come here [and] that means a lot,” Donna says.

As the need for respite programs grow, it’s important to have quality support services like RLC in our community.

“We’d like to keep her at home for as long as we can [and it’s possible] because we have Carefor,” Donna says.

The day program at RLC relies solely on donations to keep running. We need your support to ensure the RLC Adult Day Program continues to help people like Bunny and her family. If you’d like to make an impact on the lives of people like Bunny and her caregivers, click here to donate.

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