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A simple act of kindness

A simple act of kindness

What does it mean to be a volunteer at Carefor? It means to be there for someone during a time of need.

Palliative care volunteers Lois Moss and Brenda Smith have made a positive impact on the lives in Pembroke during their greatest time of need for more than a decade.

“Volunteers have so much to give,” Lois says, touching on how the work they do is not only benefiting patients, but also their families. “It’s very fulfilling,” she adds.

Brenda echoes that statement. Volunteers play an essential role in increasing the quality of health care services. “You can do little things for them that nurses may not have the time to do, [such as] reading to them, offering them a drink, talking to them, or fluffing up their pillow.”

While the act of volunteering is to make a difference in another person’s life, it also affects the volunteer’s life in obvious or subtle ways.

“There’s a real sense of feeling gratitude that someone has allowed you to be with them during this time, to share that time with them,” Lois explains.

Volunteering provides a profound sense of human connection, especially when your presence has the ability to enrich someone’s life.

“It’s the relationships in the very end that are important,” Brenda says.

Carefor’s community support services in Renfrew County are second to none. Community Volunteer Visiting, Community Hospice Program, Companion Program, and Frozen Meals Program are just a few services that have made an incredible difference in the lives of individuals who need it the most, all of which wouldn’t be possible without the support of our volunteers.

Carefor has more than 900 passionate volunteers across Eastern Ontario. If you would like to be one of them click here for information.