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Spring Cleaning 4 steps to a Healthier Mind and Home

With what we hope is the last of winter, behind us, and the warmer spring days on the way in this month’s blog we ask the question “Are you ready for spring cleaning?” and give tips and tricks to work your way through the ups and downs of cleaning and decluttering your home this spring.

Little Steps Win the Race

Sometimes when looking at the road ahead spring cleaning can be a daunting task. There are windows to clean walls to scrub, shelves to dust, and not to mention all the paperwork we pile on our desks. It is best to try and look at the major spring clean as a series of small tasks.

Not sure where to start? One cloth in front of the other, or top to bottom, working your way through the hardly used areas and moving on to places you spend the most time. The important thing to remember spring cleaning does not need to be done in one day.

Leave the heavy lifting to some else

Like most of us, you may want to move bedroom furniture or change up how the couch is in the living room. Though it may have seemed manageable by yourself in the past it is best to ask a friend or loved one for help. Often times we can forget how heavy an item is and moving it can result in injury.

It is important to stay safe while spring cleaning to prevent any major injuries. Ask a friend or family member to help move those hard-to-maneuver objects or hire a professional who will come and clean and move furniture.

Ding! Ding! Don’t forget the detectors.

With daylight savings time coming up on Sunday, March 12th many use this as a reminder to change, test, clean, and update any smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in their homes. 

These often-forgotten items in homes help keep you and your family safe. Like moving heavy objects often these detectors are often in hard-to-reach areas. Do not hesitate to ask a neighbor or friend to help change batteries and inspect detectors around the home.

Get Rid of Clutter

We are all guilty of having those dump rooms or junk drawers or maybe a closet that is full of clothes that no longer fit or have not been worn in a while. Though the items found in these areas of the home may hold some value it is important to keep control of the number of things we hold onto.  It may not seem to be a nuisance, however some items in these piles can become overwhelming and become fall and or fire risks limiting the space one can move around in one’s home.  Not to mention the possible risk of hygiene and health issues when these piles make it difficult to clean in and around common rooms.

Studies have shown that tackling and organizing these areas in our homes have proven to help, regulate emotions, improve focus, and create a sense of balance and control of our lives.

Included in Carefor Civic Complex and Carefor Mackay Retirement Home’s all-inclusive pricing are many helpful services which help our residents feel at home in the Ottawa Valley. With laundry and light housekeeping, our residents no longer have to worry about the day-to-day stresses of keeping a home clean. Along with those services our lowest in the Valley all-inclusive pricings also includes nutritious meals, a full activities calendar, help with medications and the security of knowing help is there when you need it.

If you or someone you know is interested in knowing more about Carefor Retirement Living please contact us at 613-732-9993 ext. 3223

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