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Nine ways to stay warm on a budget this winter

If you’ve lived in Eastern Ontario for a while, you know that winter comes with its challenges, the main one being how to stay warm. And with the cost of heating going up, how do you do it while not breaking the bank? .

Here are some quick ways we can stay warm through the winter while saving money:

  1. Close your curtains. Heat often leaves through windows. Keeping curtains closed, especially at night helps keep heat in.
  2. Don’t sacrifice food. Food not only keeps you healthy, it also keeps you warm. Eating less means less body fat which is important in keeping you warm.
  3. Close off what you’re not using. Keep doors shut to rooms, seal windows and place towels under doors to keep the warm air where you need it.
  4. Change or clean your furnace filter. Make sure the warm air can flow easily and isn’t making your furnace work harder.
  5. Add more insulation. If you can afford it, increasing your insulation in your attic or basement can pay off.
  6. Adjust your thermostat. A good rule is 17°C when you’re sleeping or not at home and 20°C when you’re home and awake.
  7. Decorate for warmth. Make sure your furniture or a rug aren’t blocking vents.
  8. Bundle up. We’ve likely said, “Put a sweater on” to our kids when they complained about the cold. Dressing in layers and keeping a blanket handy is a cheap and easy way to stay warm.
  9. Check for spaces around windows and doors. Put your hand there. You’ll feel the cold coming in. If you feel anything, use sealant or weather stripping.


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