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Filling Up in the Winter… Healthy Eating in these Colder Months

Having a healthy diet and cooking healthy and affordable food during these winter months can be a challenge for seniors living in the Ottawa Valley. With the snowy weather pounding on into February you can feel lost not knowing where to get nutritious meals or not wanting to go that extra mile and cook a full meal when you are alone or living with your partner.

Here are some tips on keeping meals easy in the winter months.

Eat the Rainbow

Try to eat lots of colors and make your meals appealing. Try substituting regular potatoes for sweet potatoes, or mini baby potatoes. Trying red or green onions instead yellow onions. Add spinach to your cream sauces. Just make sure you are keeping overall nutrition in mind.  

Keep it Fun

Go on a culinary adventure and travel the world in your kitchen. With YouTube videos, food blogs, and the food network at your disposal, dig in and try new recipes from Europe, Asia or South America. Many of these recipes are nutrient-dense and full of flavors. You never know you might just find your new favorite food.

Go to Flavor Town

Many seniors find they lose their sense of taste later in life, so pump up the seasoning without adding more salt. Try cooking with lots of herbs and spices, as well as try avoiding salt or use low-sodium spice blends.

Healthy Eating at Carefor Civic Complex and Mackay Center and the Ottawa Valley

Carefor Pembroke Renfrew County has many healthy meal options for local seniors and seniors living at Carefor Civic Complex and Carefor Mackay Centre. While living at Carefor retirement homes our residents are treated to an all-inclusive meal program that features nutritious options for each meal three times a day. Set in a communal dining hall where many social connections have been made and are also encouraged.

Try our Frozen meal program today

During the pandemic, Carefor Pembroke Renfrew County partnered with local producer Griffith Farms providing frozen meals to often isolated seniors in the Ottawa Valley. With over a dozen nutritious meal options to choose from as well as soups and desserts, it is quick and convenient for meals to be ordered and enjoyed by members of our beautiful community.

To order frozen meals visit our website at 

Meal Planning Made Easy With Epicure 

Carefor Health & Community Services is excited to partner with Stephanie from Epicure just in time for spring madness. At the end of February, Carefor Pembroke Renfrew County will be fundraising with Epicure and selling their convenient Weeknight Dinners Kits with proceeds going to help local seniors in our area. These Dinner Kits include five easy meal solutions for even the pickiest of eaters. As an affordable option, try some healthy and adventurous meals including Taco Seasoning, Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry Seasoning, Pulled Chicken Seasoning, Crispy and Crunchy Coating Mix, Mac and Cheese Seasoning, and (the best part) Chocolate Pudding Mix. With pick-up available for the week before March Break this kit makes for a great way to meal plan and get the family in the kitchen during March Break.

Epicure Products are:

  • Gluten Free
  • Nut Free (excludes coconut)
  • Free of Corn syrup and hydrogenated Fat
  • Free of artificial colors sweeteners and preservatives
  • Sugar and sodium conscious
  • Made from ethically sourced ingredients
  • 90% Non-GMO-Project verified
  • 80% Vegan

To order this kit click here or

Contact Andrew at or 1 (833) 922-2734 x 3237

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