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Les membres de la communauté s’unissent afin de créer une deuxième bibliothèque au Centre Mackay

Community members band together to create second library at Carefor Mackay Residential Complex

Although the provincial government has eased pandemic restrictions, both members of our communities and Carefor staff are still working hard to ensure the health and safety of our seniors.

COVID-19 has been an exercise in flexibility and creativity, especially for those of us in the recreation field,” Carefor Recreation Coordinator Megan Shepheard explains. “We’ve had to take a lot of our programs and turn them on their head.  Where we were once gathering people together, we are now trying to keep them apart.” 

It’s without a doubt that the pandemic has changed the way we connect and interact with the world, creating a time of heightened social isolation. With that in mind, members of Pembroke wanted to give back to people in their community who need a little more ray of sunshine during these times. Mackay resident Tony Beulow picking out a book from the new library.

Pembroke resident Jamie Shaw heard about the efforts of Carefor staff trying to engage Mackay residents and wanted to make things a little easier by donating bins full of books. « I love to read and every book I’ve ever owned means a lot to me. It broke my heart to think of them rotting in a box untouched. Books are meant to be shared and they are meant to be read. I just wanted them to have a good home,” Jamie says.

With such a great quantity of donated books, Carefor staff decided to create a library on the second floor of the building, allowing for more space and seating options. After announcing to the community that they were looking for bookcases, Pembroke residents Chrissie McMillan and Beth Loach Matasich were quick to donate a few. 

Mackay resident Tony Beulow, who was one of the first residents to enjoy reading a book from the library, says he has enjoyed the new selection: “There’s a lot there that I’ve never seen before. I’m working on a box of ten books now, and then I will bring them back and get some more.”

Now thanks to some very generous donors, Mackay residents are excited to grab a book and travel the world through stories in the safety of our new library.

“In the moments when our current situation feels like too much, the residents are able to escape to other worlds through these books,” Megan adds. “This library is a visual reminder that people in the community are thinking of our residents and care for them deeply. I cannot express just how grateful we are to these amazing ladies who took a minute to think about how one small action can do a world of good for others.”

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