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Le personnel infirmier de Carefor priorise les besoins des clients

Helen works as a nurse at Carefor’s Mackay Complex in Pembroke, Ontario. Her day to day is making sure Mackay’s 41 residents are looked after – ensuring medications, supporting residents with doctors visits, dealing with any health issues that arise. « You have to think of (the residents) and what they need, » says Helen. « Put their needs before everything else. »

Helen knows that good care is for more than just the body, it’s for the whole person. It’s taking a moment to connect with residents, to « interact with them on their levels, » says Helen.  Watching her do her rounds you can see how she does this effortlessly. A hand on one person’s shoulder, a quick joke and a smile to someone else. It might seem small, but it makes a difference. It helps her connect.

One of the residents, Peggy, recognizes it. « (Helen) is so compassionate and she spreads herself to everyone. » Helen and Peggy obviously have a bond.

The majority of Mackay’s residents are seniors who are largely independent with some need of support. Helen and the rest of the staff at Mackay provide them that help that keeps them living as as active and independent lives as possible.

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