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Volunteering: A Productive & Positive Pastime For Seniors

Volunteering is a common activity that seniors will engage in as they gain more free time post-retirement. Volunteerism has the potential to improve health, relationships and skillsets. This is especially true for seniors who turn to volunteering as a productive and positive pastime. There are several benefits that seniors can experience from volunteering within the community.

5 Benefits to Volunteering for Seniors…

  1. Volunteering prevents isolation and loneliness… A lack of social interaction can hinder good health, putting adults at risk for high blood pressure, a weakened immune system, obesity, and cognitive decline. By getting out and engaging with the community, seniors can reduce the likelihood of health issues that come with being lonely and isolated.
  2. Increases physical activity… Maintaining physical fitness is an important aspect of staying healthy and independent as individuals age. Volunteering creates the opportunity to keep moving, be it serving meals, providing transportation, or offering companionship to someone who needs it.
  3. Bridges the generation gap… Volunteering in the community can give seniors the opportunity to interact with younger generations, and in turn share important life lessons. On the flip side, seniors can enjoy new perspectives and energy that younger generations offer.
  4. Promotes a feeling of purpose… In often cases, as individuals age and transition into retirement living, they may feel that they lack fulfillment. Volunteering offers a way to regain the feeling of purpose. It creates a goal to work towards and can encourage a resurgence of excitement for life.
  5. Develop new skills… In older stages of life it is common to dwell within one’s comfort zone. This can lead to feeling stuck and bored, which can lead to cognitive decline. Volunteering opens doors to trying new things and new ways of thinking, and potentially exposes individuals to new passions they didn’t even know they had

Volunteering Opportunities at Carefor…

Carefor has benefited greatly over the years from the support and passion of our volunteers. There are many opportunities at Carefor for you and/or a friend. More information regarding the programs needing volunteers can be found under the services tab on our website. Or for additional information email Beth Monaco at Here are some of our opportunities in the Ottawa region.


  • Richmond Care Home
  • Adult Day Programs (Carling ADP, Vince Malette Functional Fitness, PWR!Moves etc)

Pembrooke / Renfrew County

  • Driver – Non urgent medical transportation
  • Friendly Visiting – In person or virtual
  • Volunteers for Special Events
  • Recreation Volunteers (Civic and Mackay)
  • Palliative visiting in the community
  • Special Skills Volunteers (musicians, crafters, singers)