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Volunteer at Carefor

Who are Carefor's Volunteers?

Volunteers are central to Carefor's mission. Working in partnership with Carefor staff to develop, implement and deliver services that meet the community's needs, volunteers are greatly appreciated for both their expertise and the time they give.

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Discover the joy of being a Carefor Volunteer

Carefor volunteers come from all walks of life, including:

  • Retirees who want to meet new people, help others and stay active.
  • Young people volunteering as part of their education and community service hours.
  • Professionals who want to be involved in their community.
  • Newcomers to the community
  • Service groups such as Rotary, Lions Clubs and other special interest groups
  • Students in College Programs who require clinical or cooperative placement
  • People who want to make a real difference - like you!

How to become a volunteer

Q. How do I become a Volunteer with Carefor Health & Community Services?
A. There are many different opportunities across Carefor to volunteer. Below is a list of our volunteer locations and how to contact them directly to begin the process.

Q. Is a police check required?
A. This depends on the position you are applying for. In general, any position that includes contact with clients and/or confidential Carefor information will require a police check.

Q. Are there volunteer opportunities for high school students?
A. Yes. Students can help with special events, fundraising and administrative work during school breaks. If requested, Carefor is happy to sign for student volunteer hours.

Q. What is the process for becoming a volunteer at Carefor?
A. An initial interview, followed by reference checks, police record check, and request for driver's abstract (only for volunteer drivers). This is then followed up with orientation and training, as well as ongoing support and recognition for your efforts within the organization.

Q. What happens when you become a Carefor Volunteer?
A. We will:

  • Match your strengths, interests and available time to a volunteer role that's right for you
  • Give you a clear picture of the position requirements and the training to do it well
  • Support you in your volunteer role through regular contact
  • Provide ongoing educational opportunities to assist you in your role and to introduce you to new opportunities and friends
  • Give you the care and appreciation you deserve

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