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Jessica Peters

Jessica Peters is Carefor’s Director of Quality and Accreditation.   

She joined Carefor as a contractor in September of 2017, to support Leadership and staff as we headed into our April 2018 Accreditation Canada peer review.  We passed the review with exemplary standing, thanks to the hard work of management and staff, but also because of the support and expertise that Jessica brought to the table.

 Jessica has a Bachelor’s of Arts, Honours Degree from Queens University as well as a Master’s in Public Administration from Queens University.  She started her Career as a Coordinator of Communication/Accreditation at the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Society.  She moved on to Health Planning at the Southeastern Ontario District Health Council and in 2004, joined Accreditation Canada.  For thirteen years, Jessica supported Accreditation Canada first in research and development, then within the realms of quality, risk and evaluation, and finally managing the Accreditation Canada Learning Centre. 

 Jessica’s objective is to engage her leadership capabilities, health care and accreditation knowledge, and research and policy experience, to support the strategic and innovative delivery of quality health services.