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Everyone Deserves

Carefor’s Everyone Deserves a Place to Call Home campaign is raising money to support vulnerable seniors in the Ottawa Valley get the care and community they deserve. Through your support we’re able to provide our seniors a warm meal, recreation programs, and equipment that ensures their safety. Moreover, you’re giving them a second family.


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Lucien Diane Murray 1 Marilyn

After Lucien's wife passed away six years ago, home didn’t feel the same. It felt lonely and isolating. 

Carefor Civic connected Lucien to others in a similar situation, helping them find happiness together. 

Carefor Mackay is Diane's home, and she'd have it no other way.

It's the place where her sister and her puppy visit. It's a place where she doesn't have to worry about preparing meals. It's the place where she has peace of mind.

Before Murray moved to Carefor Mackay, he was in a precarious living situation.   

For the past three years, Murray has found his happiness and safety at Mackay, where he's able to do the things he loves around people who care for him.

Marilyn is one of 80 residents at Carefor Mackay who looks forward to mealtimes. 

She knows food is love. And knowing that she has a fresh and nutritious home-cooked meal ready for her three times a day means the world. 


Each year we need to raise $180,000 to keep fees affordable for individuals with limited financial means in need of retirement living.

You can help your community members have a place to call home by donating to the Everyone Deserves Campaign today using the donation form below. Thank you for your support. 



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