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When the act of giving is second nature

She gained a newfound appreciation for the staff after seeing their level of expertise, passion and care in ensuring her health and well-being.

“I was grateful to be in their hands,” Claude remembered. “They brought my health back and I wanted to find a way to say thank you.”

When Claude asked staff if she could contribute to advancing the work of the wound clinic and the health of others in the community, Carefor nurse Anic Perrier knew the answer to improving the lives of her most at-risk clients. For people suffering from diabetic foot ulcers (DFU), an innovative way to relieve the pressure on their feet is finally possible thanks to Claude’s generosity.

“While people living with DFU have referrals to see a foot specialist, these appointments can take months, meaning clients are more at risk of developing life-threatening infections from open sores caused by the pressure on their feet. Our new Draco boot offloading insoles has been a gamechanger. We’re now able to relieve the pressure on wounds and speed up the healing process for dozens of clients,” Anic said.

“We couldn’t have improved the lives of these clients if it wasn’t for Claude’s support,” she added.

For Claude, giving back is second nature, and finding ways to give meaningfully has made a world of difference. Her many years of donations to Carefor’s bursary program and different projects have also been a way to honour her husband’s memory, who received Carefor home care services a decade ago.

“It’s my way of saying thanks for the years of support,” she said. “We all need medical care as we get older. Services like Carefor need more help and support, and so I’m trying to do my share.”

“Seeing for myself the impact of my donations, to be of service to others, to make them happy and to facilitate their work is extremely satisfying.”

Thanks to donor support, we can continue providing necessary and personalized home care and support services, today and into the future. We thank all our donors for your continued support. We couldn’t have done it without you. If you’d like to share the story on why you give, please contact