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The Value of Volunteering

Seniors and volunteers are at the heart of what Carefor Nor-Dun is to the North Dundas community. The folks who visit and volunteer at the centre really are what makes Carefor Nor-Dun unique. 

Sheila Hughes has been a Carefor volunteer for over 11 years. When she retired from Kemptville Home Support, it didn’t take long before she realized that she needed to connect with people. Whether it be helping the community or spending precious time with her grandchildren, Sheila is a people person at heart.  A typical day volunteering for Sheila includes greeting folks visiting Carefor Nor-Dun with a friendly smile, directing phone calls, and helping out at the South Mountain Diners’ events twice a month.

More recently, Sheila helped at a special diners’ event at the Nor-Dun Centre where seniors were welcome to enjoy a three-course homemade meal. Setup like a traditional family dinner, seniors engaged and joked with one another, while others were wearing their best smiles from ear to ear. Sheila explained, “I’ve met so many interesting people and consider many of them friends. I love bringing a smile to their faces! That is the value I get from volunteering.”

After their meal, a local beekeeper presented to diners on everything there is to know about bees. This in-depth demonstration is just one of the many opportunities where special guests join the congregate diners.

Prior to the pandemic, Carefor Eastern Counties had over 600 volunteers supporting programs including diners events, meal delivery, transportation services, and more. The Nor-Dun Centre is grateful to volunteers who were able to weather the storm and return this year. Caroline Rooney, Carefor Nor-Dun Supervisor said, “We offer such a wide range of services that it would be impossible to offer them all without the support of our volunteers. They, along with the seniors we serve, really are the heart of Carefor Nor-Dun.” Sheila feels, “Volunteering with Carefor is truly rewarding.”

If you, or someone you know is interested in  volunteering, Carefor Nor-Dun has plenty of opportunities! Visit for more information.