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Staying home & staying healthy

As the community continues to persevere through the ups and downs of COVID-19, staying safe at home is top of mind for seniors in Eastern Counties.

The Bourgon family is thankful in receiving home care services from Carefor for over seven years. Huguette and Roger, now married for 63 years, want to stay in their home as long as possible. Lucille Ferron, a Carefor Personal Support Worker (PSW) makes it possible to do so.

Huguette’s limited mobility made it challenging to do certain activities around the home. She appreciates and looks forward to the time she gets to spend with Lucille.

“Lucille is a ray of sunshine. She is always happy and encouraging,” Huguette shares. Roger also finds comfort in having Lucille help his wife, as he knows she’s being well taken care of and is always mindful of their health and safety.

The Bourgon family is very careful with people coming and going from their home. “Lucille asks a lot of questions about the family. We are her first priority. She comes and takes our health seriously and does her job with great care,” Roger shares.

PSWs like Lucille do not want to see their clients become ill and take extra precautions to ensure their well-being. “I’ve been doing this for 17 years. I want to see clients stay safe and happy in their home as long as possible. I show them how to safely move in their home and connect them with other services as needed. As soon as I meet with someone for the first time, I do everything I can to make them feel good with respect and safety in mind,” says Lucille.

In looking to the future, Roger shares, “If it is possible, stay in your home. And if you need help to stay home, call Carefor. Try to have these services. When we have these services, we’re alright here.”

Huguette and Roger are not the only ones in the community planning on living in their home as long as possible. The Home Care Ontario Study found over 95% of seniors in Ontario believe staying home is the safest environment to live in during the pandemic, and over 93% of seniors in Ontario would choose to stay in their homes with home care services instead of moving to a long term care facility. Carefor’s team of experienced Nurses and PSWs make staying home easier by providing excellent care and companionship to seniors in Eastern Counties.

In 2019, PSWs provided over 22,730 hours of care to seniors across Eastern Counties. This number is expected to increase beyond 2020. Help Carefor continue to support seniors at home by making a donation today.

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