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Richmond Care Home celebrates 20 years with high hopes for the future

When you visit our 16-bed home designed for women living with dementia in Richmond Village, located just 20 minutes outside of Ottawa, take a close look at the apple tree. You’ll notice something different – underneath the beautiful large crown of the tree, grows another variety of apple.

“It’s quite metaphorical,” Richmond Care Home (RCH) Supervisor Amy England shares, noting that the tree was planted in memory of John and Lilian Bosco’s parents, who were instrumental in getting Richmond Care Home off the ground 20 years ago.

Carefor took over Richmond Care Home, with the couple’s blessing, just a few years after the home became operational. It was over these years that two types of apples began to form on the tree. “This home has really evolved over the years. Much like the big tree, Carefor represents the larger organization that protects and maintains the integrity of the smaller, more intimate care setting.”

Amy has been working at the home since its humble beginnings. In honour of its 20th anniversary, she proudly looks back on how much of an impact this home has had on hundreds of families.

“The most important thing to me is for us to maintain the home’s foundational philosophy of care. We are proud to share that Carefor has done this quite well. We’ve made it a priority to maintain the integrity and intimacy of being a small welcoming home for women living with early or moderate stages of dementia.”

Carefor is also proud to be providing such high-quality care and support during these challenging times. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has taken an emotional toll on loved ones, families are grateful to know their mothers continue to be in a safe and loving environment.

“I’d give Richmond Care Home five stars. They do everything they possibly can for their residents,” says Ken Black, whose mother Elsie has been a resident at the Home for over a year.

While the pandemic has impacted the way we operate our services, these types of smaller care settings are more vital to our community now, than ever before. We must continue to invest in these smaller types of care settings to meet the growing demand. Amy hopes to see this home continue to grow to serve even more families that are seeking a comfortable and safe haven for their moms: “An addition would be great.”

Team Carefor looks forward to supporting this next stage of growth in Richmond, much like the yearly growth of this unique apple tree.

Special thank you to all the staff at Richmond Care Home for keeping a smile on everyone’s face during this unprecedented time. 

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