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Personal Support Workers make positive impact on mental health

Within Canada, many seniors are feeling the impact of being socially isolated as they continue to weather the COVID-19 pandemic from home. However, some seniors receiving homecare services are fortunate enough to have PSWs break up the solitude while receiving the essential care they need to remain home.

Albert Duffy has been receiving homecare and PSW support from Carefor for over a year now after a vehicle accident made it challenging for him to care of his wife, Janine. Albert (92) and Janine (89) are doing everything they can to remain happy and healthy at home. However, with COVID-19 limiting their outings, the couple relies on PSWs and close family to fill the gaps.

Diane Villeneuve, a Carefor PSW helps make staying home possible by providing essential care to Albert twice a week and being a friendly ear. With her vibrant personality, it is safe to say the couple looks forward to her visits and it gives Albert a much-needed break. “I do my best professional healthcare with Albert, and then I do light housekeeping and it makes them smile.” says Diane. She also makes a point of having chats with Albert to keep his mind active. “They become like family. Although we cannot share anything personal, we are good listeners. Mental health is so important especially when you need to stay home.” says Diane.

Above all else, Albert can’t wait for the day social distancing restrictions are lifted. “It’s the freedom. We usually go for a car ride on the weekends. It’s nice to go for a walk in the street but I can’t be six feet away from my wife as she has a walker.” Albert says. Until then, Albert and Janine will continue to stay safe at home, keeping updated on the pandemic by watching the news.

Before leaving the Duffy’s to make her way to another client, Diane makes it a point of leaving the couple with smiles on their faces. “It’s my goal to see they’re happy, continuing their routine and living in their home.” says Diane.

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