If you ever find yourself inside the Carefor Mackay Centre, whether for a tour or to visit friends and family, chances are you'll encounter Suzie Jarvais. Suzie joined the Carefor team back in 2021 and has since been serving as a Personal Support Worker (PSW). Suzie, known for her charismatic yet camera-shy demeanor, has played a pivotal role in making Carefor Mackay Centre a place of comfort and belonging for our residents by helping them find a place to call home.

"Relocating and finding one's way in a new environment can be challenging, but having dedicated Care Team members like Suzie can speed along the process of settling in and feeling at home, remarked Jennifer St-Cyr, Program Supervisor at Carefor. “Whether it's for short respite stays or long-term, our staff consistently strive to provide a warm and respectful atmosphere for our residents, and Suzie is a great example of this."

For some, expensive retirement homes aren’t an option. It’s for these members of our community that Carefor Civic and Mackay are for. Carefor has been an integral part of our community, offering retirement living programs and community services, for over 25 years. It has been a place in which our residents can call home when they are well enough to be at home but not well enough to be alone.

Mackay Centre residents are often treated to creative crafting sessions led by Suzie. An avid crafter herself, Suzie has consistently found imaginative ways to bring joy to our residents since joining the Carefor team. This autumn, she organized a Gnome Craft hour, where residents were invited to craft their own distinctive gnome door hangers.

Additionally, she, along with other Care team members, hosted a regal high tea in honor of King Charles's Coronation. Her annual mummering event had Suzie and our Regional Director, Sharon Maye, don traditional Newfoundland Mummering attire and spread cheer through caroling in the Mackay hallways.

"I've earned the nickname 'Carefor back scratcher,'" Suzie chuckles. "These moments when you can take the time and truly be there for the residents, to be present and attentive to their needs, are what I cherish most about this job. When they say, 'Suzie, can you help me with my window?' or 'Suzie, I'm not feeling too good,' or 'I miss my family.' It's in those moments when you can make them feel comfortable and provide them with the feeling that they are not so alone and that someone is there for them. That's what I love the most about this job."

Suzie is just one of the many dedicated members of our staff who make up our exceptional Care Teams, both at the Carefor Civic Complex and Mackay Centre. Carefor firmly believes that the high-quality, comprehensive services it offers are a direct result of the highly skilled, unique and commitment of our staff.

Whether you are embarking on a career in the healthcare field or are a seasoned healthcare professional, Carefor offers gratifying and challenging career opportunities that can help you achieve your professional goals. Our objective is to provide the utmost quality holistic care to seniors in Eastern Ontario, and this is a goal we couldn't achieve without exceptional individuals like Suzie.

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