Mary Walsh and Friends Visit Carling Adult Day Program to Share Some Laughs


On March 23rd, our Carling Adult Day Program (ADP) attendees were delighted to be joined by a handful of Canadian comedians in town for the annual Carefor Crack-Up Comedy Festival. From the minute the comedians entered the building, there was an overwhelming buzz of laughter and feeling of joy.

The visit began with a game of bean bag toss with the likes of Mary Walsh, Big Daddy Tazz, and Lisa Baker. ADP Clients Enjoying Lunch With Mary WalshAs the visit continued, the Adult Day Program attendees participated in a game of comedy-themed Jeopardy, led by Big Daddy Tazz. The ADP clients went head-to-head against comics Mary Walsh, David Brennen, Fiona O’Brien and Lisa Baker answering questions about comedy TV shows, movies, and comedians from their younger days! The day program attendees got the better of the comics being quick to answer questions about the Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Odd Couple, and even about guest Mary Walsh. Following Jeopardy, the group sat down for lunch, and spent some time getting to know their special guests, sharing stories about their families and lives.

Between the genuine conversations, sporadic bursting into song, telling jokes and laughing, there was no time to feel anything other than happy. Amazing to see our attendees get to have this experience. Special thanks to Mary Walsh, David Brennan, Big Daddy Tazz, Fiona O’Brien and Lisa Baker for taking the time to come out and spark so much joy.



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