Community comes together to bring Christmas joy in the lives of seniors

While Christmas is seen as a time of love and joy, Crystal Tunnoch, a resident of Richmond Village, realized that’s not often the case for everyone.

“I know Christmas can be a lonely, quiet time [for some seniors],” she says. For that reason, Crystal organized a local project called “Hands of Christmas” to spread holiday cheer.  

Local residents like Jen Hastings were excited to give back to the seniors in their community.

“We’re all going to be in that space someday, so you’re hoping that someone will be there to look after you,” Jen says.

Thanks to this anonymous gift giving project, Christmas came early for residents at Carefor’s Richmond Care Home (RCH), a 16-bed retirement alternative designed for women living with dementia and other related disorders.  

The smiles, laughter, and surprise on the residents’ faces were priceless.

“It’s nice to see people that are old, happy,” RCH resident Elsie Black says. “That means a lot.” 

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