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Carling Day Program has become a second family for both participants and caregivers

After suffering from a stroke, Eli’s lifestyle changed drastically. Suddenly he required types of supports he had never needed before, resulting in more pressure on his caregiver.

“You never know what it’s going to cost you when you get older,” he says.

But with the help of programs funded in part by generous donations, Eli was able to find something that fit his needs.

Now he attends the Carling Adult Day Program twice a week, which is one of three Adult Day Programs by Carefor that give individuals living with dementia an opportunity to connect and socialize with others.

“I never put money away for programs like this,” Eli says.

Their day consists of playing games, making crafts, exercising, socializing, and enjoying a meal.

These necessary programs that are in high demand help not only individuals like Eli to get the support they need, but they also give caregivers a much-needed break.

“It’s a blessing,” Heather, Eli’s daughter and caregiver, says about the respite service. “If we didn’t have that, dad would not be at home and he’d be isolated.” When a loved one’s health takes a turn for the worse, caregivers are often thrown into a complicated world, not knowing how to access programs that can support them.

The Carling Adult Day Program is one of these programs. Beyond just giving caregivers a break, it helps them maintain the relationship that they have always had with their loved one. “As a caregiver it enables me to have a separate entity and creates our lines so we can still be father daughter,” says Heather.

To learn more about the Carefor Carling Adult Day Program, click here or email us at

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