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Caregivers are doing more, with less

Families are putting in the extra effort to keep their loved ones at home. It’s estimated that 8 million Canadians care for a family member, and COVID-19 has decreased supports available to them.

“I just can’t do it all by myself … It’s overwhelming,” Williams says. “You’re constantly aware of the person that’s in need. If you’re not aware, then you realize that you’re [the one] in need.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has put extra pressure on families in how they’re able to support their loved ones. The support and training home care staff need go beyond ensuring physical wellbeing, but also making sure that families don’t burnout.

“Compassion and understanding beats everything else. You have to be able to get that and that’s what makes the difference with home care,” William attests. “Knowing I have Carefor there as a resource makes a big difference on my mental state and how I can care for my mother.”

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