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Carefor Senior Support Centres – there for people on National Seniors Day and every day

The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly hard on our seniors, many of whom have benefited immensely from Carefor’s support systems. Focusing our nation’s attention on them today, National Seniors Day, seems more important now than ever.

In honour of this special day, encouraging Canadians to celebrate older adults for their lifelong contributions to their communities and to their families, we are highlighting Carefor’s five Senior Support Centres located in Eastern Counties as examples of the diversity and impact of our programs and services. These lively support centres in our communities celebrate Seniors each and every day, offering programs that promote social inclusion and overall health and well-being.

The Carefor Senior Support Centres in Ingleside, Finch, Winchester, Lancaster and Alexandria are more than just buildings in these townships, they are a home away from home for local seniors who spend their days fostering connections and engaging in their beloved activities.

Prior to COVID-19, the centres offered in-person events such as Diners’ Clubs and exercise programs which brought people out of their homes to connect with friends and stay active. Although most programs have been modified to meet social distancing guidelines, the need to keep centre members engaged, has never been more important.

“Carefor staff working at the centres have come up with ‘Thinking Outside the Box’ in support of our clients. For example, we’ve been able to provide outdoor entertainment, drive thru dinners, small chair and mat yoga classes, outside coffee group and caregiver support group sessions. All while following social distancing measures and sanitizing to keep our clients safe,” says Caroline Rooney, team leader of the Nor-Dun Support Centre in Winchester.

The support centres have been and will continue to be an integral part of the Eastern Counties communities, offering meal delivery, exercises, information and socialization for seniors in the region.

“It’s a place for us to get together with people, and a place to go for us older folks. It’s great for the village. And I know they’re there if I need them,” shares Beth McIntyre, a meal delivery recipient from Ingleside.

Seniors play a valuable role in not only their own families, but also in their community. Living safe and healthy lives is our clients’ right; and therefore, our duty to support it. Carefor is proud to be at the forefront in ensuring the health and safety of our seniors.

Learn more about Carefor’s Senior Support Centres.

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