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A message from our staff to our clients: “Carefor staff care for you”

A message from our staff to our clients: “Carefor staff care for you”

Nor-Dun Support Centre Cooks, Shannon (right) and Heather (left).

The Carefor Meal Delivery Program is one of the many essential services offered by Carefor. However, before your meal is delivered, there are amazing cooks working hard to prepare your meal.

Shannon and Heather are the two cooks from the Carefor Nor-Dun Support Centre and create the best home cooked meals possible for clients in North Dundas. This dynamic duo brings laughter to the Centre even on the dreariest of days. Although all Carefor Support Centres are closed to the public, the teams are still cooking up a storm to ensure clients are provided nutritious meals.

Since the closure of the Centres, Shannon and Heather miss seeing their regular Diners in North Dundas. “It’s very quiet. It was hard to get used to not seeing people coming into the dining room.” says Shannon.  To brighten the spirits of those receiving Meal Delivery, the duo puts together handwritten notes and adds special desserts to the deliveries of those celebrating a special occasion in isolation. “We write special notes since we don’t see the clients anymore and send a cupcake to make them feel special, or we’ll give them a call.” Shannon shared. 

Outside of the kitchen, the Nor-Dun team continues to bring joy to long-time clients in their own special way. “There’s one gentleman that’s a regular here. We’ll give him a call and we go meet him outside his home for a quick chat, and pick him up a Tim Hortons coffee before we head over just to let him know that we still care and are here for him.” says Heather.

Others on the Nor-Dun team have been making their rounds in the neighbourhood, stopping by the fronts of clients homes and sharing a big hello while waving a handmade sign with the words Carefor Staff Care For You, spreading reassurance and smiles to those feeling isolated in the area.

As the team continues to move forward and stay connected in the community, Shannon and Heather shared a special message: “Hang in there. This too shall pass. We’re only a phone call away.”

Help ensure the kitchens at all the Carefor Support Centres are well stocked so our cooks like Shannon and Heather can continue to feed your community.
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