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A bridge to healthcare

Transportation: A bridge to healthcare

For seniors like Betty, finding transportation to things like medical appointments and day programs can be one of the hardest parts of getting care. Often, seniors do not have access to standard vehicles or to accessible vehicles for those with disabilities. Thankfully, Carefor drivers like Gary Hobbes are working to solve this issue.

Gary has been a driver with Carefor for almost a decade, providing a vital link that connects seniors to healthcare and their community. While the drive is a huge help, he says that the relationships that come with the job are much more important. “Driving is a very small part of this job; it’s the people that really matter. That’s the heart of what this job is”. The reward, he says, comes in seeing the effect this service has on local seniors. “It’s such a delight to see that you’ve helped people”.

From clients, the feeling of gratitude is mutual. “Without them, I wouldn’t be anywhere”, says Betty. “You’re not just their job; you’re their friend.” 

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