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Spring Forward into Healthy Living

We at Carefor Health & Community Services have spring fever and are excited to bring you some handy tricks and recommendations for healthy senior living this spring. From dressing for the weather to dealing with seasonal allergies, or staying hydrated, don’t forget to create healthy habits to live a healthier life.

Layer Up and Down

We all remember those days when we didn’t want to pack that extra sweater or put on those gloves but these Ottawa Valley Spring weather conditions can change on a whim. Some days seem like we should be laying out on the beach while others have us bundled up to our ears with the chills.

On those sunny days, it is important to remember to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes or try a fashion-forward wide-brim hat if you like, but remember not to block your vision when out for walks or spending time outside. Alternatively,  it is always wise to check the weather before venturing outside just because yesterday was bright and sunny doesn’t mean today will offer the same great temperature. On those cooler windy days try a windbreaker over your sweater to stay warm and don’t put the warm hats and mitts away just yet they are an easy way to regulate one’s body temperature outside. 

Seasonal Allergies

As we age many of us find ourselves dealing with more spring allergies than when we were younger. While going outside or opening windows may trigger these unwanted allergies it might be best to limit your time outside or keep any doctor or pharmacist-recommended allergy medications on hand for those high pollen days.

High on Hydration

With our activity levels increasing as the snow melts and the temperature rises it is key to remember to hydrate. Regardless of our age or time of year, it is crucial to remember to stay hydrated as studies have shown dehydration can have negative effects on memory and overall focus as well as increase fatigue.

In general healthcare providers recommend drinking at least 8 cups of water a day if you don’t like water, try herbal teas and freshly squeezed or juiced fruit and vegetable drinks. Though they may taste great it is also important to limit the number of sugary drinks like coffee and sodas.

Get in the Habit

Spring is the perfect time to start a new habit maybe it is crosswords on the front porch, walking around the block, building news, or continuing regular visits with friends. What is important is to stay active and stay moving. Many of the residents at Carefor Civic Complex and Mackay Center find that springtime is the best time to start getting out and enjoying the fresh air and visiting with other residents. Which we at Carefor fully support, with a fully loaded activities calendar, and multiple outdoor spaces that will be reopening when the snow has melted for the residents at Carefor to enjoy.   

As Ottawa Valley’s most affordable all-inclusive retirement home Carefor Civic Complex and Mackay Center it is our goal to make residents feel supported, reassured, and free to make choices that work for them through all seasons of the year. By providing high-quality care to vulnerable seniors living in Pembroke Carefor creates a place they can call home.

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