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November is Fall Prevention Month

When we think of falls, we often think of the famous catchphrase “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” As you may recall, this quote from an American television ad was for a product that would make it easier for people living alone to reach out for help if they’re in a medical emergency, such as a fall. 

The reason being because falls are the most common cause of injury-related hospitalization for seniors aged 65 and older. Studies have shown that falls can lead to loss of independence, mobility problems, depression and even death. The good news is that falls are preventable. 

Seniors can reduce their risk of falls by increasing their physical activity with muscle strengthening exercises that improve mobility and balance. 

As an organization that provides various home care services, including physiotherapy, to thousands of seniors in Ottawa, we’ve seen the challenges seniors face to stay safe and healthy. We all play a role in raising awareness. 

Follow or share these simple seated fall prevention exercises that improve strength, range of motion and flexibility. 

Please note: Repetitions should be based on your care plan and ability. Consult with your doctor if necessary.