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Carefor launches Virtual Carefor at Home Program for an improved client experience

Carefor launches Virtual Carefor at Home Program for an improved client experience

January 29, 2021 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

OTTAWA — Carefor Health & Community Services is excited to announce the launch of our Virtual Carefor at Home Program thanks to donor support and funding received specifically to enhance the province’s pandemic response through appropriate virtual care options.

With the COVID-19 pandemic challenging traditional home and community health care provision, Carefor quickly shifted to providing a blend of in-home and virtual care services to support vulnerable clients in need. This funding, a key part of the provincial plan to maintain services while preventing the spread of COVID-19, will facilitate an enhanced virtual care experience for our clients and their caregivers.

In partnership with local virtual care vendor, Aetonix Systems Inc., we are able to effectively support clients with a range of chronic health conditions to live longer, in the safety of their homes. The Aetonix aTouchAway platform also ensures the safety and security of our clientele’s health information. Using the platform, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other Carefor healthcare professionals are able to provide guidance and support to clients more efficiently, increasing the number of clients who can be seen and decreasing some of the barriers to care.

By keeping vulnerable seniors safe and connected in their homes with virtual care, we can reduce the spread of infection by limiting the number of in-person home care visits and enhance our ‘eyes on’ monitoring of the most vulnerable in our community.

“The home care model has proven itself to be a safe and effective way for people to receive care and support through COVID-19,” says project lead Amy Boudreau, Carefor Director of Sustainability and Integration. “Virtual Carefor at Home goes beyond what we’ve been able to do in a pre-COVID world and allows people greater and easier access to healthcare, which means better health outcomes.”

By adding a virtual care solution to enhance Carefor’s delivery of high quality in-home health care and community support services for seniors, we can offer an enhanced experience for clients in support of today’s COVID-19 response and tomorrow’s Ontario Health Team model. Carefor is grateful to our donors and Ontario Health for their support in making this program a reality.


About Carefor

Carefor is a local not-for-profit charity that provides home healthcare and community support services across Eastern Ontario. Whether in the home, in the community, at care facilities or one of its clinics, 1,500 staff are part of the circle of care that is tailored to clients’ needs. For more information, please visit

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Trevor Eggleton
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