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Carefor first to resume in person programs for people living with dementia offering caregivers much needed break after pandemic


Ottawa – After over 15 months of hosting virtual adult day programs for people living with dementia, Carefor will recommence offering in person day programs starting July 6. These day programs offer activity and connection to people living with dementia. More than this, they offer their loved ones and caregivers a much needed break from the constant responsibilities of caregiving.

When COVID-19 caused our city to lockdown, Carefor’s adult day programs moved online and have remained as such since mid-March 2020. Despite the work done by staff to engage clients living with dementia in a day of fun and socialization, they have noticed that virtual sessions have not offered the same support to clients and caregivers as in-person services.

“We’ve seen a lot of our clients’ dementia accelerate over the past year,” says Carefor CEO Steve Perry. “These programs help keep people living with dementia mentally and socially active, which slows the onset of the disease. Not having our programs delivered in person has had a real impact on our clients and their families.”

With programs and services across the city being reduced or paused, caregivers have taken on a much greater load. Whereas a caregiver of someone living with dementia might have multiple resources to support them, throughout COVID there have been very few, leaving most burnt out. “These programs are a lifeline to our families. They give them a break and a chance to recharge. Through COVID they haven’t had that and many are completely exhausted,” says Carefor Director of Community Support Services, Robin Meyers. “We’re so excited to welcome them back.”

Programs will begin at the Guest House, located at the Perley-Rideau Centre, with five spaces two days per week for six weeks. Then it will expand to five days per week adding more clients as we’re able. As restrictions lift, in late August, we plan to reopen our Carling Day Program.

Additional Information

  • There are 78,600 new cases of dementia diagnosed per year in Canada.
  • Carefor’s adult day programs support over 450 people living with dementia per year.
  • There is such demand for these programs that the wait list is over a year long.


For more information contact:

Trevor Eggleton
Communications, Marketing and Fundraising Manager

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