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Keeping Seniors Safe in the Sun: Safety Tips for Summer Heat

With warmer temperatures creeping in, the natural urge is to spend more time outdoors enjoying it. Everyone wants to feel the sun on their face, tend to their gardens, go for walks, and have those sweet summer moments. While being outdoors and spending time in the warmth and fresh air is good, there are some things that should be considered for seniors spending continual time in warm summer weather. Listed below are some tips and precautions for staying safe while enjoying the summer sun and warmth.

Optimal Time of Day: The best times of the day to be outside are those when the sun will not be shining down directly onto you. For example, if you plan to have an outdoor activity, have it be in the morning, or evening times.

Taking Breaks to Cool Off: If you plan to spend as much of your day outdoors as possible, make sure you have an air-conditioned area close by that you can pop into for breaks to bring your body temperature back down. This will prevent over-heating, dehydration, and exhaustion.

Stay Hydrated: It’s important to remember to stay hydrated if you’re spending prolonged time in the heat. Drinking things like water, clear juices, and other liquids that do not contain alcohol or caffeine. Liquids with caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, they will cause you to urinate more and dehydrate you. For this reason, it is crucial to stick to clear liquids without these contents when spending time in the heat.

Choosing the Proper Attire:  When spending time in the heat, it is important to dress accordingly. This means wearing light, airy, light-colored clothing. This will prevent heat absorption. In addition to this, it is best to wear a wide brimmed hat to shield yourself from the sunrays.

By combining these tips, you will be prepared to safely spend time in the summer sun. Just remember, if after spending prolonged periods of time in the sun and/or summer heat, you feel unwell, please seek medical attention.

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