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How do I choose the right retirement home? Three key points to look for…

The process involving the transition to retirement living has its complexities. There are multiple variables that require in-depth consideration. To make things a little simpler, here are three key points to pay attention to when considering different retirement home options.

  1. Location: Whether you are choosing a retirement home for yourself or a loved one, location is a very important thing to consider. Transitioning into retirement living can be a challenging time, however choosing a home in an area that is familiar or close to family and friends can help to bring ease to the situation.
  2. Costs and what they mean: Cost is one of the most important factors to investigate when choosing a retirement home. When discussing costs and various packages, it is a smart idea to review exactly what is covered in the outlined costs. Ask what is not included in the cost and what services may have additional fees. Once the cost break-down is clear, compare it to your monthly “living at home” expenses to properly formulate the decision if the home is a responsible choice financially.
  3. Recreation and Socialization: When moving a senior out of their home and into a new environment, it can be natural for them to withdraw and isolate as they may not feel comfortable around new people. Choosing a home with various activity and recreation options that align with your/ your loved one’s hobbies and interests can help encourage socialization and in turn keep you or your loved one from becoming lonely and isolated.

Carefor has three retirement/care homes in the Ottawa region that are in great locations, prioritize affordability and value the importance of recreational activities in the home. The Carefor Civic Complex and MacKay Centre are situated in the heart of Pembroke and the Ottawa Valley. These retirement homes have all the amenities of home with paved walkways, a courtyard, and flower/vegetable gardens at the most affordable prices in the Ottawa Valley.

Richmond Care Home is a unique retirement home for women living with dementia. It is a bungalow style 16-unit home that offers a quiet home-like setting where your mom will get the care and attention she deserves. All around, Carefor has your loved one’s best interests at heart and will ensure they feel at home. To learn more visit:

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