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You Can Help Home Care

Imagine Ottawa without home care. What would that mean for those who rely on it? 

Home care is an essential part of our health system. It has been depleted by a consistent lack of funding. We’re seeing the result of this today with more nurses and personal support workers leaving home care for higher paying jobs in hospital and long-term care.

The result is a critical lack of support for those who need it most. Hundreds of people aren’t able to be discharged from hospital to receive care at home because home care agencies like Carefor don’t have the staff to support them.

We have an opportunity for change. With the Ontario provincial election coming up, we need to act now to encourage our leaders to increase funding to home care by $460 million dollars to give home care staff the salaries they deserve and the people of Ottawa the care they want. 

Here’s how you can help:

Together we can make the kind of change we want for our loved ones today and ourselves tomorrow.

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