Lucy's Caregiver Story

Lucy and Roger Garneau enjoying the day together.When a loved one finds themselves in the position of becoming a caregiver to their spouse, it’s inevitable change is on the horizon. The importance of resources being available to caregivers has never been more essential that now as our aging population grows each day. 

Lucy and her husband Roger Garneau lived in the village of Morewood for over 11 years, along with their faithful furry companions. Thirteen years ago, Roger’s health changed after having a mini stroke followed by a subsequent diagnosis of vascular dementia. 

As Roger’s health declined, Lucy took on the role of his caregiver, managing his daily routine and helping him with everyday activities. Roger’s journey with Carefor began when he started attending the Adult Day Program in 2017, providing Lucy with a reprieve, and giving Roger a change of scenery.

In 2019, Lucy visited the Nor-Dun Support Centre center and inquired about the Caregiver Support Program. The Nor-Dun team supported Lucy and arranged meal delivery three times a week to make things a little easier at home. The team also helped Lucy get in touch with Personal Support and Occupational Therapy through Home and Community Care. However, as Roger’s care needs increased, it became too much for Lucy to handle him at home alone, which led to the decision to move him to Long Term Care. 

Despite the challenges, Lucy found support and comfort through Carefor’s Caregiver Café, where she learned from educational sessions and shared experiences with other caregivers. Lucy shared, “By coming to the Caregiver Support Group meetings I was able to get support of like-minded caregivers dealing with similar circumstances with their loved ones. It has since given me friendships which I will have for a lifetime.” 

The program also provided opportunities for social interaction and personal friendships, both within and outside the program. Lucy’s life changed significantly during this time, and she made the decision to sell her family home and move to Winchester, where she could be closer to services and support when needed. 

Access to resources for caregivers can be few and far between, making an already challenging road harder to navigate. Caroline, Carefor Nor-Dun Supervisor explained, “Caregivers are needing more help than ever in having supports for themselves and their loved ones. Caregivers going through similar circumstances validate some of the concerns they may have. Having access to resources and learning from other caregivers is key to helping assist them with their caregiver journey.”

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