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Les résidents et résidentes du Complexe communautaire de Carefor préparent une surprise spéciale pour souligner le travail du personnel pendant la pandémie.

Carefor Civic Residential Complex residents give staff members a special surprise for their work during the pandemic

Making a tremendous impact on people’s lives is something Carefor staff do each and every day, but oftentimes they don’t realize just how far their kindness goes in impacting the people around them.

Residents at Carefor Pembroke Civic Residential Complex gave staff members, from health care professionals to administration personnel, a big surprise.

As lockdown restrictions have eased in the province, longtime resident Todd Sullivan and others wanted to do something special to applaud the bravery and dedication of Carefor staff during the pandemic, and for their continued support as things slowly re-adjust. “To all the workers who took care of the residents at the Carefor Civic Complex during COVID-19, thank you.”

In an effort to highlight their efforts, residents presented an appreciation plaque to staff for the great care they received during COVID-19.

Though changes have been challenging for residents, with an inability to participate in their regular activities, Todd who spearheaded the honour, shared that staff were very understanding and supportive throughout.  In addition, many residents recognized staff for going above and beyond in finding ways to engage them during this difficult time.

« Thank you so much to all staff for everything you have done to keep us safe. It was greatly appreciated by myself and all residents of Carefor Civic Complex. Keep up the great work,” Todd said. 

Staff members were truly humbled to receive the plaque of appreciation. They did not expect special recognition for their work, as they always show up with the residents’ best interests at heart.

That said, they were grateful for the thought that was put into presenting them with this honour. “Staff were both appreciative and humbled by this award, and it was even more special because it was from the residents. We couldn’t be more proud of the hardworking staff during this pandemic. Their hard work and dedication to our residents is truly remarkable, » Care Team Supervisor Jennifer St. Cyr said.

It really goes to show the family-like-bond that is created between residents and Carefor staff at this special residential facility. We are very proud of the work they do each day. 

Our retirement homes in Pembroke are a home away from home for many. Support our health care heroes who are making a difference each and every day.     

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