A "Heaven on Earth" during a time of need

Ruby and James at Hospice during Ruby's most recent respite stay.Over the years, Carefor’s Hospice has made a lasting impression on the lives of clients and their caregivers. Many people consider Hospice as their “Heaven on Earth” and see the team of care providers as guiding angels through a challenging time.

Ruby and her husband, James, have experienced the love and compassion of Hospice time and time again. Ruby is a kind soul with a big heart. Throughout her chosen career of volunteering with the Canadian Cancer Society for over twenty years, Ruby found a passion for supporting her community. When the Hospice first opened its doors in 2009, Ruby came on board as a volunteer and spent her days in the kitchen putting together meals for clients. She explained, “I liked doing it because I wanted to help people who needed it most.”

However, as time went on and Ruby’s illness began to take its toll, the Hospice team was there for her and her husband. At times when Ruby found it difficult to walk, she would come do shorter stays at Hospice so she could regain her strength and return home safely. Ruby shared, “The goal I’m working towards right now is to walk more so I get stronger and steady on my feet so I can go home. With the help of the staff, we walk laps around the building together everyday.” As Ruby’s loving husband and caregiver, James uses this time to have a reprieve himself. James shared, “It’s just us, so when she’s home I do everything I can to support her.”

Ruby’s stays have been sporadic over the years and she and James have agreed that when the time comes, Ruby will be closing her final chapter at home or at Carefor’s Hospice. James and Ruby have seen firsthand the challenges and shortfalls of the healthcare system throughout their lifetimes and have decided they will be making the choice themselves when the time comes. James shared, “There’s a lot of goodness, love, compassion here; I believe Hospice is heaven and all of the nurses and PSWs are angels. That’s what people need.”

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