Moving Forward Through Challenging Times

During these unprecedented times, our efforts to pivot Feast of Fields has been a very rewarding process.  Our restaurant partners need our help, and having the opportunity to bring them to the forefront to offer you a safe and incredible dining experience has been wonderful. 

We've seen the faces of our guests who've been at home, eating food from take-out containers, brighten when that glass of wine was poured and the first course of their dinner was put in front of them. It has been humbling.

We've also needed to get our message out in front of you.  The 1,600 people who work for Carefor have truly been on the front lines of this health crisis, keeping seniors safe and healthy in their homes and out of hospitals and long term care facilities.  They've been our heroes throughout this process and, as we head into the fall and winter, their work is going to be even more important.  We're not through this crisis yet and there are thousands of people in Ottawa who depend on our nurses and support staff to keep them safe at home.

Which brings us to the reason for this message.  As we all see the news and hear about the second wave of COVID-19, we're really left with no choice but to put our events on hold.  It's not that we couldn't gather people in a safe, controlled manner.  It's whether we should.  We don't want to take chances with your health and we deeply believe that the most sensible approach at this moment in time is to scale back and wait.  We'll be able to do these great events again soon.  Just not now.  We know you'll understand.  We've got your back too and the moment we feel confident that we can pick up again and plan beautiful culinary experiences, we'll let you know when that time arrives.

One thing we want to stress to you now, more than ever, is that our restaurant community needs your support.  Whether you're going out to eat on a patio, ordering a curbside meal, or for delivery, it is crucial that our hospitality industry survives.  Their life work has been taking care of us and we can attest to the generosity of our culinary community.  Collectively, our Chef community helps raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities in Ottawa.  Every one of us is connected to them somehow, and their businesses matter.  Please continue to support them. 

We'll be in touch soon as we navigate this new road that has presented itself.

With Gratitude, 
The Feast of Fields Team

Past Events:

Our restaurant community and organic farmers have once again come together to support Carefor during a time of great need. They put the care in food as we care for our seniors.

Restaurant 18 Feast of Fields around Ottawa Launch Event:

On July 15, at Restaurant e18hteen, our event series launched with host chef David Godsoe, who so kindly shared his kitchen with Dominique Dufour (Gray Jay), Jason McLelland (Grunt) and Justin Champagne-Lagarde (Bar Lupulus). Our first event was a true treat for our guests!

Event Highlights:

"Women OutStanding in their Field" Event:

Part 1: On August 25, at Das Lokal, our Feast of Fields event series continued with a celebration of outstanding women in their field as host chef Harriet Clunie shared her kitchen with Marie Ford (Das Lokal), Dominique Dufour (Gray Jay), Resa Solomon-St. Lewis (Baccanalle) and Trudy Metcalfe-Coe. 

Part 2: On September 22, at Das Lokal, this Feast of Fields mini series continued with an unforgettable Harvest event. Host chef Harriet Clunie once again shared her kitchen with guest chefs Dixie Culzac (Das Lokal), Ramya Dandamudi (Cumin), Anne Cote (The Birch Bite) and Sara Shpyth (Fraser Café). Together, these outstanding women created outstanding courses for evening we won't soon forget.

Event Highlights: 

"On the Rocks" Whiskey Pairing Dinner Event: 

On August 27, at Restaurant e18hteen, guests enjoyed a 5-course tasting menu, paired with some of the world's best whiskies from around the globe, prepared by host chef David Godsoe as his talented culinary team.

Event Highlights:

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