Introducing Feast of Fields - around Ottawa!

Imagine…not just one Feast of Fields, but many. Around Ottawa. Throughout the summer. It’s a foodie’s dream!

Carefor and our Feast of Fields partner chefs have come up with a great way to enjoy some of Ottawa’s best food, while keeping safe: Feast of Fields around Ottawa.

This series of culinary events will take place at Feast of Fields partner restaurants throughout the summer, all with the same strict adherence to COVID-19 health protocols that restaurants across the city are currently maintaining to reduce the spread of this disease.

We’re still building the calendar of events, but it’s looking like a delicious summer of Ottawa’s top chefs working together for your dining pleasure. And …proceeds go toward helping Carefor keep Ottawa's vulnerable seniors safe at home and out of long-term care facilities during a time of need.

If you want to be informed of our next event, please contact us at

We look forward to dining with you!

Launch Event!

This event series launched on July 15 at Restaurant e18hteen with host chef David Godsoe, who so kindly shared his kitchen with Dominique Dufour (Gray Jay), Jason McLelland (Grunt) and Justin Champagne-Lagarde (Bar Lupulus). Our first event was a true treat for our guests! 

Our restaurant community and organic farmers have once again come together to support Carefor during a time of great need. They put the care in food as we care for our seniors.

Participating Chefs: 

David Godsoe

Chef David Godsoe
Restaurant e18hteen


Chef Dominique Dufour

Chef Dominique Dufour
Gray Jay


Chef Justin Champagne Lagarde

Chef Justin
Bar Lupulus



Chef Jason McLelland


Our Chef's Creations:

Course 1


Course 2


Course 3


Course 4


Course 5


Event Highlights:










Reif Winery

          restaurant 18 fof          

food display restaurant 18



Restauant 18



Event Sponsors - Thank You!



Reif Estate


Feast of Feilds welcomes you!

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