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Virtual Safe at Home Gala - Ottawa

Did you miss our special evening yesterday of celebrating how YOUR support has made a difference in your community?

It's not too late to tune into Carefor's first Virtual Safe at Home Gala! Your support this year means vulnerable people in your community are safe, supported and connected into the New Year and beyond.

Home is where our loved ones want to be, and as your community's local not-for-profit homecare and community support agency, we're at the forefront of ensuring the health and safety of seniors today, and of generations to come. 

Click the video below to see our special program showcasing how your contributions are a lifeline for thousands in your community.


Derick Fage           Mayor Watson
Host Derick Fage
Rogers Cable 22
          Jim Watson

Margaret Dickenson           Shawn Marino
Margaret Dickenson
Culinary Author
          Shawn Marino


For more information about the Carefor Virtual Safe at Home Gala, email rduetta@carefor.ca or call 613-558-9568.

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