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Why Carefor

Carefor staff are compassionate health care and community service professionals who make life better for their clients.

More opportunity, learning and support

There are plenty of organizations that offer healthcare in Eastern Ontario, but Carefor is unique. We’re the largest and longest serving not for profit home and community care agency in Eastern Ontario.

Our commitment is to help our staff become the best they can be to offer the best care and support possible. What this means for you is opportunity, learning and support.

We have job and career opportunities for numerous health care and support team positions including Personal Support Workers (PSW), nurses (RN and RPN), physiotherapists, occupational therapists, day program staff, drivers, IT, HR, finance staff and more.

  • Opportunity

      • With 1,400 staff working across Eastern Ontario there is opportunity for career growth.

      • More connection with clients. More opportunity to use your skills.

      • Better work life balance means more opportunity to be with your family.

  • Learning

      • Ongoing education and on the job training.

      • Staff bursary program to support with education.

      • Robust orientation and paid training.

  • Support

      • 24/7 on call support.

      • IT help desk available six days a week.

Our culture and our people

Carefor values all our staff. We are our people.

We are continuously striving to improve our ways of working, offering staff the latest technology to help you do your best work. We are endlessly grateful for your skill, commitment and compassion to offering exceptional care. We strive to a listening and learning organization that learns from our staff to leverage your experience to offer a better work and client experience.

Lots of support for nurses. Opportunity to learn new skills. Patients are like family. Management open to new ideas and are always looking to improve services.”

Registered Nurse, Ottawa

You could not work for a better company. This place is family, our supervisors get in and do the work when short staffed. They also make sure family is #1. Amazing place!”

PSW, Pembroke

Working for Carefor was the best job I’ve ever had!! The most amazing staff and the clients were all amazing, I gained such a good relationship with all my clients and the staff and I miss them all! If I didn’t have to move I would have worked there forever!!!!”

PSW, Ottawa

If you want to work in home care, Carefor is the best agency to work for…by far.”

Nurse, Ottawa

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