Put the Safety in Fall

Published on September 12, 2023

With the Summer months closely behind us and the changing of the leaves signaling the start of fall, we have some safety tips for making it safely through the changes of the coming season.

Heat While the signs of fall may be here, in recent years we have come to expect a few warmer weeks left to enjoy in September so be wary of the signs of high temperatures and the risks associated with them.  While dealing with the changing temperatures staying hydrated is crucial to maintaining one's health and aids in maintaining one's natural body temperature.  Though the days will be warm we can also expect a dip in temperature in the evenings and with that, we may want to reach for extra layers in the night. As colder temperatures are on the way one may want to ask a friend or relative for help with simple maintenance of heating systems i.e., changing furnace filters or relighting pilot lights on gas fireplaces to ensure when we need it our home heating sources will be running as efficiently as possible.

Cold and Flu Season Though nobody wants to relive the last three years of the Covid-19 pandemic there were many lessons learned when dealing with flu and colds like symptoms and prevention. In addition to maintaining vaccines and healthy eating there are many additional steps to take to avoid the spread of fall colds and flus, which include, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, washing hands with warm water and soap regularly, avoiding contact with those who are sick (wear a mask if necessary) and lastly with your doctor’s approval regular exercise will always help maintain a healthy immune system.

Clear the Way The leaves may be changing but they are also falling leaving many front steps, porches, and sidewalks covered and possibly keeping uneven surfaces and falling hazards hidden from sight. It is important to maintain and clear off heavy traffic areas in and around your home to avoid unnecessary trips, slips, and falls as they may result in injury and possibly fractures and breaks as you age. This becomes even more important as they become slippery when the rainy days of fall hit.

The fall can be a time filled with nostalgia seeing generations returning to school, the leaves changing colours the return of hearty meals, and long conversations with friends about the coming cooler months and holiday season.

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