Career Growth: My journey from Uganda to PSW to Supervisor (Kevin Nyembo, Supervisor, Inner City Health)

Published on May 16, 2023

Before I came to Canada in 2009, I was working as an interpreter for the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Uganda. Upon moving to Canada in 2009, I enrolled in school to become certified as a PSW. As I was studying to obtain this certification, I worked as a housekeeper and a security guard.

I had heard about Carefor from a friend that I had gone to school with. She was working for Carefor at the time and told me about all the programs that Carefor had; one of those being the Inner City Health (ICH) program – a partnership between Carefor, Shepherds of Good Hope and Ottawa Inner City Health that supports people experiencing challenges with homelessness and alcohol dependency. I interviewed for a PSW position at this program and was hired promptly after finishing my education in December 2010. I have been working in this program ever since.

Working as a PSW at Carefor was a great experience. I was hired to work with vulnerable clients and was trained in areas such as medication administration, street drug recognition, psychosis management, mental health and homelessness, addiction, alcohol management, difficult behavior management, non-violent crisis intervention, and suicide crisis. Through my training and role as a PSW, I was always welcomed and supported by management and my fellow colleagues. The clients I worked with were friendly and patient as well.

One of my favourite parts about working at Carefor with ICH has been the individualized care we provide to clients, as well as the team culture we have in our program. In addition, the adequate tools, extensive assistance and education provided to staff allows them to do their job to the best of their ability. My team at Carefor has made me feel valued and appreciated. They have encouraged my personal and professional growth and development and have supported me in furthering my education in this area.

Currently, I am a Supervisor at Inner City Health. I oversee the daily staffing, scheduling, and coordination of work for all ICH programs. In addition to this, I conduct training, assessments, performance reviews, and oversee conflict resolution. Having the opportunity to grow professionally and into a supervisor position has made me feel deeply rewarded and fulfilled.

At Carefor, professional development is encouraged, and I appreciate all the help and support I have received here during my professional journey.

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