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Be my Valentine?  Finding Love In Your Later Years

Finding love can seem daunting, filled with the highest of highs and lowest of lows. On top of that looking for love in later years of one’s life can add even more pressure. Often, we can find ourselves being less social as we age, looking for that one person for companionship.

Although dating methods have changed and can be seen as a younger person’s space with the ever-growing list of apps, websites, and other dating methods, it is still anyone’s game. Studies on marriages in Canada have shown that individuals in the 60-65 age gap have become the largest group of people getting married. Below are some examples of ways to meet that special someone or find that sense of community we all crave as we live on through the later years of our lives. 

Rekindle Old Flames.

Sometimes reconnecting with old friends and getting together socially is the best way to meet new people. The methods of dating may have changed but often it’s our friends that we trust the most. You never know, your high school friend may know the perfect person for you. Worst case scenario you reconnect and get to spend time with old friends.

No Pressure… Slow and Steady

Don’t put too much pressure on any new budding relationships. Often, we can feel we are running out of time to find that one person. Many people later in life have become set in their way and may need the time to slowly let others in and share their lives. Take the time to get to know each other and remember that this time in your life should be spent getting out there and meeting new people while enjoying every moment.

Try Groups

Put yourself out there. Many small communities in the Ottawa Valley have various seniors clubs that offer classes in quilting, photography, cooking or outings. Many seniors join these clubs to meet, mingle and make new friends. The worst that can happen is you leave with a new blanket, photo album, or a new set of recipes to try on your friends and family.

Find a Sense of Community At Carefor Pembroke Renfrew County

Carefor Civic Complex and Carefor Mackay Center residences are not only safe places for seniors to call home but are also great places to find that sense of community that brings joy into our lives. Residents at Carefor Civic Complex and Mackay Centre are treated to full monthly calendars with activities designed to foster a sense of community, allowing seniors to meet each other tell stories, and participate in both physical and creative activities.

What’s more, as Carefor Civic and Mackay are the most affordable retirement homes in the Ottawa Valley you’ll have some extra money for those outings with friends, or that special someone. To find out more about safe affordable Retirement Living at Carefor Pembroke Renfrew County click here.